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BARR T Aussies is a family that has  Australian Shepherds in Southwest Nebraska.  We train and help people train Standard Australian Shepherds.  Occasionally we have puppies that are available.  We have adoptions available every couple of years to approved homes.   Our puppies have found homes all over this great Nation & Canada. 
We do not do toys, we prefer to conform to AKC breed standards, we have had minis in the past, but we are focused on standard Australian Shepherds.
barr t merle australian shepherd puppies.  Puppies for sale in nebraska

Australian Shepherds in Nebraska.  Puppies for sale in Nebraska.  Family raised Aussies and agility dogs. We welcome all Australian
Shepherd owners and dog lovers of all breeds who are visiting us here at BARR T RANCH AUSSIES.  Before you find your next K9 companion, remember this is a life long commitment for your puppy and a significant portion of your life.  You want a puppy that suites your needs.  Do research and find a good match.  If you have decided on an Australian Shepherd, great!  You're gonna love having an Aussie!  We spend time with our puppies from the minute they arrive in our home by special delivery from their mommies.  We teach our puppies the social sckills needed to be the perfect companions who love to please their owners.  We introduce them a variety of other animals such as horses, cattle, cats and other dogs.  For first time owners we provide the skills needed to insure the best behavior and health for your new puppy.

Creek is a puppy for saleMale Black Tri Aussie with copper and white trim.  AKC ASDR puppies available.  Bar T Aussies Ice Blue Merle Bi with two blue eyes from Sky Blue Ranch Aussies.. Puppies for sale in nebraskaBarr T Ranch is the home of family raised quality purebred Australian Shepherds.
When we work our Australian Shepherds work right along side of us! 
We raise our dogs to be our companions as well as working dogs.  Australian shepherds are one of the most highly intelligent breed of dogs.  Commonly known as "Aussies", Australian Shepherds are excellent horse & cattle working dogs.  Along with proving themselves working livestock, Aussies are also known as a well accomplished agility breed which accels  in competition.  Aussies are considered "velcro" dogs because of the exceptionally strong bond they develope with their owners.  Protective and loving, Australian Shepherds make the best companions as well as top quality working dogs.  Aussies are by far the best addition to any family!
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Breeze puppy for saleshooter Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale  
      At Barr T Ranch,
we do NOT have kennel dogs...Our Aussies are part of our family. We only have a couple of Aussies.  That is why we only have puppies every few years.  Where we go, they go...They accompany us to the pasture to fix fence.  They go out with us on horseback rides.  After a long day of work or play, they curl up in the house or run outside to play some more before night falls. Barr T Ranch is located in Southwest Nebraska near the Kansas border. A beautiful acreage complete with miles of lake, cornfields, and range where our Aussies get to work, run, play, train and swim.  There is nothing better than watching our Aussies jump off of the dock and into the lake after a long day of work!! At Barr T we have ASCA, AKC & ASDR registered Standard Australian Shepherds. We strive to produce quality dogs with genetic health tested parentage clear of the hereditary cataract gene and with excellent, good or fair OFA hip rated lines. Barr T uses continuous and regular health screening and professional vet care for our Aussies. Barr T puppies have registration papers for either ASCA, AKC and/or ASDR (if applicable). All puppies and/or adult dogs at Barr T are have current vaccinations, a vet certified health check and certificate.  Barr T puppies are a health guarantee against any health / genetic issues.
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  Australian Shepherds in Nebraska