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review on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 6:07 AM
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Barr t Ranch Aussies this breed of dog was too much cute they are just adorable I love to have these dogs. I was searching for this breed much but I couldn’t find it finally I found them from Australian Shepherds that was just amazing.
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Barely any breeds are more at 'home on the range' than the Australian Shepherd. In spite of the deceptive name, the Australian Shepherd breed grew up wandering among the deer and the pronghorn of the Western United States as the right-hand canine of farmers and animals herders

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It's because they see it as "you are pressuring others to boycott me because of something I said." They see the boycott as an attack on their free speech rights, rather than as a justifiable reaction to something that others fine intolerable.
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Yep they are only in favor of it while it allows them to scream their rhetoric without government intervention, if they ever managed to take over they would immediately attack any organization that called them out on their bullshit, labeling them as fake news, or the enemy of the people....HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!!
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